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About us - Castel Nuovo fright inc

With 4+ years of experience in the trucking industry, we have seen a lot to say the least. We have managed start up’s, small trucking companies and organizations with above 100 trucks.
With our experience we understand the stress an owner of a trucking company feels, as we have felt the same emotions within our broad spectrum of exposure.
We have watched trucking companies come and go over many different issues.
Through all of this, we have found that we can make our greatest impact with involvement in the growth and stability of the trucking community.
Simply put, we work together, we dream together.

Work With Planning


Company Startup

Starting your business, company setup and structure made simple.

We Build and Create

We provide the structure for safety and compliance that eliminates the guess work and promotes success.

Focus On Your Success

With Castel Nuovo on your side, ''TEAM'' means: “Together Everyone Achieves More”.